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Fuel Oil/Propane Bobtails 
  • New Bobtail Trucks built to order per your specifications
  • Used Fuel Oil and Bobtail Trucks for sale; see News
  • Full repair and remounting services offered
  • Internal Valve, Meter, Hose Reel, Pumping System, DOT Inspections and Testing including "P" "V" "I" "K" and "T",  and “U.C.” upper coupler
  • Upper coupler repaired/replaced with our fabrication services
  • Volumetric Meter Proving Using Licensed (VA and WV), 100 Gallon Prover on premises
  • Inventoried parts for rebuilding Bobtails
  • Our new rear aluminum decks (aluminum and stainless steel) are extruded for additional strength and longevity on Bobtail decks
  • Full width rear bumpers, fenders and supports, side and custom meter cabinets, other components fabricated or obtained
  • Ability to de-gas vessel
  • MAG (black light) testing services
  • North Carolina vapor tests
  • We can supply the following chassis: Freightliner, International, Kenworth, and Peterbilt.
  • Repairs and Prover services completed at your location for added convenience and efficiency
Compressed Gas Transports/CO2
  • Services range from inspections to refurbishing trailers
  • Full “P” “V” “I” “K” testing  along with “UC”
  • Rebuild of all valves
  • Testing of safeties
  • Installation of ABS breaking systems and service placement
  • Upper coupler repairs or replacement 
  • Replacement of hose tubes and liners
  • Leak testing and repair of fittings and gauges
  • Rebuild pumps with new components
  • Replacement of damaged outer skin
  • Paint services with ability to digitally match current paint codes
  • Supply and install needed decals
Other Services
  • Military trucks/transports; various services offered from water tanker to low boy trailer repairs.
  • Fire engine modifications and alterations
  • Airport Fuelers
  • Extensive/qualified welding procedures on various types of carbon and stainless steels, non-traditional metals such as nickel, copper-nickel, titanium, aluminum, nrb, and corrosion resistant overlays
  • Full service paint and exterior decals; offering complete paint services for new and used trucks and trailers, with ability to create and install specified decals
  • Fabrication;  including fabricating unique components from unusual diamond plate cabinets to ISO container supports
  • Mechanic services from spring replacement to hydraulic system servicing
  • Complete refurbishing of beverage compartment trailers 
  • “R” Stamp Certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • Ability to supply specialty machined or laser parts ranging from unique bushings, brackets, to unique metal cabinetry
Propane Repair
Papco Tanker Truck
Virginia Propane 008.jpg
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