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Tanks, Trucks & Trailers, Inc was founded in 1994 and utilizes over 75 years of owner's experience to operate the most flexible tank related assembly and repair facility in the Mid-Atlantic.


Our assembly activity focuses on refined fuel and propane delivery units, but we also represent manufacturers of septic tanks, propane service trucks, and petroleum trailers—all adding to our service and product offerings. Our test and repair capability is broad, and includes Carbon Dioxide/CO2 transports, aircraft refuelers, dry bulk trailers, side loader/bottle trailers, buses, vacuum trucks, and water carriers.


We utilize updated welding procedures that include various types of carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. We are continuously expanding our knowledge, capabilities, and certifications in order to better serve our customers.


  • FMCSA Facility CT #6381

  • National Board “R” Stamp #4215 – to repair or alter tanks

  • D.O.T. Registration #1179340 - certified to test and repair transportation equipment and ASME tanks




My petroleum career began in 1956 as a sales representative for Texaco. After returning from a tour with United States Air Force, I spent 12 years working for the same oil company both domestically and internationally. Soon thereafter, I started my own company as an independent jobber with three major brands. Even though we started small-scale, the business grew considerably, allowing me to sell the company and begin thinking about retirement. However, I quickly became restless, and began representing sales of new and used tank, trucks, and trailers. 


In 1994, the opportunity arose to form Tanks Trucks & Trailers, Inc. with two other industry veterans Dewey "Dinka" Daniels and John Quilter. We initially focused on the fuel truck industry; we then realized the growing propane business was important to our customers as well, so we acquired the expertise to service propane bobtail's as well.  We then incorporated C02 trailers to our ever-growing list of capabilities. From our “R” stamp welding certification, to state approved on-road calibration services with our Prover, we continue to expand our expertise and skill sets to benefit existing and new customers.




Jim McCoy, President/Co-Founder   


About Jim McCoy   


Propane Repair
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